Thursday, February 07, 2008

Well, there you have it folks. . .no further need for this blog. So long, farewell, aufweidersehen, and goodbye.

A reader by the name of Christian submitted the following reply in response to my post "I am an Anglican." I've removed it from that space and reposted it below:

"Purgatory, Indulgences, and pious beliefs about the Blessed Virgin Mary can all be shown to have been believed by the earliest Christians though they where often expressed differently in the East. Viz the definition of these things as dogma - have courage! Be brave enough to accept the rulings of those who have the authority. Christ has given it to them and the definitions are final, those who disagree have lost the argument. I do not like the Assumption but I now accept it on faith as those with authority I do not have have decided I am wrong. It can take courage and faith to submit and over look one's own vanity. Luther failed in this. "Here I stand I can do no other" - Yes you can! you can submit."

Of course, I will renouce my Orders forthwith and submit to the Holy Roman Church.


Anonymous said...

You're right, AC. The first thing we top-lofty Anglicans need to do is repent in dust and ashes. After that, we'll light a solitary candle, chant the Litany for the Dying and pull the plug on our "Dearest Mother" ( As she slips into oblivion, we can curse George Herbert too ).

Then we can submit with joy and gladness to the epistemic certainty that awaits us on the cozy banks of the Tiber, where-I have this on good authority- "supper's on the stove" ( yummo ). Ah, Rome sweet Home!

Good grief.

No offense to our dear brother, but I prefer to die a good Protestant, like William Laud of blessed memory.


Canon Tallis said...

Frankly, if there is anyplace that needs to have someone douse the last candle and turn out the lights, it is that baroque monstrosity known as the basilica of St Peter and the Vatican palace. I wonder if Constantine had any idea that some time in the future, the Roman See would tear down the original basilican church to create a building to dazzle pilgrims to Rome to the point that they would forget that the cathedral church of that ancient city is not said St Peter's, but St John's Laternan. I hope that we as Anglicans, never forget it.

Instead, I would hope that we remember that there were those amongst the earliest fathers who claimed that St Paul actually preached the gospel in Britain while it is evident the faith was brought there and took root very early in the history of the Church.

And no offence to Mark, but I would prefer to die in the faith of the Church of the Creeds as understood and articulated by Bishop Ken. And that is what I think good archbishop Laud attempted and did!

Anonymous said...

Yes, indeed. The church Bp. Ken appeals to is the Ecclesia Anglicana of Laud, Cosin, Andrewes, Overall, Hooker, Field and other worthies. I suspect Laud was trying to make a point with those who condemned him to the block. As a loyal churchman, he was the true "English Protestant"-to borrow a phrase from Abp. Bramhall; the Roundheads were merely dissenters.