Saturday, February 09, 2008

An invitation to like-minded Anglicans:
The Society of Archbishops Cranmer and Laud

Many have e-mailed me in the past and urged me to start something (anything) related to the grand notion of the Society of Archbishops Cranmer and Laud, which for too long has languished as an ideal unrealized. In the past I could only direct people to the discussion group at yahoo. However, I'd like to invite anyone interested, especially the clergy, to help me in utilzing this blog as a site for like-minded Anglicans, from any jurisdiction willing to share with others in a spirit of unity and concord, to foster spiritual and intellectual growth in the Anglican Way. The hope is that this site could be an "online journal" of sorts. What say ye? Any takers?


Anonymous said...

I'm game. Count me in.


Anonymous said...

God's peace. I am new to your blog. What exactly is the Cranmern and Laud Society going to be about? Obviously it will honor these two fine archbishops, but beyond that could you give me a few thoughts?

Pax et Bonum,
John +

Rev. Dr. Hassert said...

Father John,

Well, the Society was an idea, developed in discussion with folk from a variety of jurisdictions, as a return to an centering of Anglicanism around the old fashioned High Church theology of the Caroline divines and the traditional Books of Common Prayer, rather than "low church" evangelical (though evangelical we should be!) or Anglo-Papalist/Romanist (i.e., we need to know where Catholic doctrine stops and Roman doctine begins--and I think the Caroline divines had a good handle on that). The problem is I never really did anything with the idea. However, given that this blog has been getting quite a bit of foot traffic from some very like-minded folk I figured I'd try and make it into more of a forum where people could submit essays, reflectiosn from the Fathers, the Anglican divines, etc., in line with classic Anglican ideals. I'll post a more extensive list of the "goals" of the Society.

Anonymous said...

Where do I sign up and how much are the dues?

Canon Tallis said...

Perhaps it would be possible to have a posting on a regular basis from one of those great Carolines as their books are so difficult to get and horribly expensive.
The idea, however, is genius and much appreciated.