Monday, February 18, 2008

Prayer Book Catholics. . .

(I've taken the following comment from a discussion group discourse. The original author will know who he is, and I hope he doesn't mind me reposting his thoughts here).

"Prayer-Book Catholics are truly Catholic in the ancient, authentic, nonsectarian sense of the word as it is used in the Creeds -- looking to the doctrine of pre-Great Schism and the mildly reformed liturgical trajectory of the Ancient British Church. Remnant Prayer-Book Catholics are found scattered about in various jurisdictions attempting to witness to the Anglican Formularies in an authentic, faithful manner."

Which is why we all need to try and foster such thinking in our own jurisdictions, wherever we find ourselves. At the roots, most Anglican jurisdictions (and even many diocese in ECUSA/TEC) affirm the ancient Faith, the doctrines set forth in the worship of the classical Prayer Books, and the Anglican Formularies. We need to unite around these common principles and start a grass roots effort to work together as Anglicans with a common purpose for the Gospel of Christ and His Church.

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Canon Tallis said...

Thank you for this post. It clearly states the path which we must take if we truly want to be known as Anglicans and Catholics. As such it would be revolutionary escept for the fact that at its heart it represents the thinking of every classical Anglican beginning with Elizabeth I herself.

But these truths must be restated and re-lived in every generation. That is the hard part because the great temptation is to go with the times, a path which will make one dated and irrelevant in a very short time. The harder path is always to embrace principle and the eternal which you have done here.

Laus deo!