Sunday, June 03, 2007

A tad more on the Article on Predestination and Election

from William Parker's (1913), The Anglican Reformation:

The seventeenth article is not even definitely Augustinian. It may be described as simply Pauline, for there is not a phrase or an expression which does not come, literally or in effect, from the writings of Saint Paul, If it is said that it is patient of an Augustinian or Calvinistic meaning, the simple answer must be that it is susceptible of such a meaning just as the writings of Saint Paul are susceptible, and in no other sense. It is quite clear that the compilers of the Article meant to leave its meaning so far open, neither excluding Calvinists from the ministry of the Church, nor compelling all to be of that way of thinking.

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Anglicans Aweigh said...

Thank you for your ongoing investigation of this Article. This Article is perhaps one of the most off-putting of the 39 Articles for many Anglican Churchmen today, for by virtue of its title "Of Predestination" it would seem to confirm the sectarian slander that some make against our Church, calling us a "Calvinist". But this is an ignorant and unlearned claim. Those teachings which are distinctly Calvinist are not found in this Article at all. It may be mildly "Augustinian" because of the statement "to life" which was St. Augustine's contribution to Predestination, but in the main this Article is simply Pauline as Parker points out. In fact, there is nothing for today's Anglicans to fear in this Article, for it is merely a restatement of Holy Scripture and as such it accurately reflects the tension which exists in Holy Scripture between Human Freewill and Divine Foreknowledge. It is a beautifully balanced, and typically Anglican statement. Thanks again, ac!