Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Mainline Episcopal priest(ess) become Muslim, and stays in the Episcopal Church

A friend sent me this story, expecting outrage or a long commentary. My response: "Double yawn with a side of shrug."

In the past I've made it a principle not to dwell on the horrible plight of the mainline churches, only to promote faithful and classical Anglican Christianity. This story does deserve to be noticed, for the shear idiocy of it. That being said, nothing that the bishops and clergy of the mainline Episcopal Church do shocks me any longer. My emotions on that front have been burnt out--my tears are gone, my frustration long since spent. For those not aware of why so many Anglicans have left the mainline body, here's a shining example.



Anonymous said...

This is syncretism with a vengance.

Of course, given her theological idiosyncracies-including a christology that would make Arius blush-this embrace of Islam isn't all that problematic. The problem lies in the moribund institution that has given her its blessing.


J. Gordon Anderson said...

That "church" is a freakshow. I had a friend call me about that article as well, and my response was much the same as yours: "Yeah, and does that surprise you?"

Still, I guess we have interest in these articles in the same way that we slow down to see a mangled car wreck on the side of the road!

Anonymous said...

We can only hope that the more traditional forms of Anglicanism will find favor with those who can no longer stomach what the PECUSA has become.

It took me a very long time to find such a congregation in the Western Washington area, but rest assured, it does indeed exist...


welshmann said...

Apparently, this has happened before. http://closedcafeteria.blogspot.com/2006/09/anglican-reverend-becomes-hindu.html


Anonymous said...

From epicsoPagan to mere Infidel. a definite move up the candlestick!

Michael said...

'Priestess': 'I look through Jesus and see Allah'
=Denial of Trinity.

Yours truly: 'I look through Allah and see an ancient Arab moon god.'