Sunday, July 06, 2008

Bishop N.T. Wright on the Colbert Report. . .

Truth in advertising here: I think N.T. Wright is an excellent New Testament scholar and theologian. However, he is very weak on other areas of theology and when he walks off the path into political theorizing he sounds like a liberal member of the House of Lords channeling Karl Marx. Also, I really don't like the parody show "The Colbert Report." All that being said, I think N.T. Wright did rather well in this little segment, given to his sticking to what he knows best:


Drew Collins said...

The points you bring up as "Truth in advertising" are ones that I would mention as well. Given Bill Maher's fondness for John Shelby Spong (he appeared on "Politically Incorrect" several times) it was just nice to have someone in a purple shirt on Comedy Central who wasn't an embarrassment!

Wright came across as personable and intelligent and spoke the truth -- not bad for a day's work!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I think Colbert is great, occasional fun! (As a paleocon, but more importantly a Christian, I rejoice in the parody of all earthly messiahs and ideologies, even the skewering of paleoconservatism, though no body seems to bother!)

As for NT Wright, he seems unsound because he IS unsound (though relatively more orthodox than most in communion with Canterbury -- including the woolly Welshman.)