Friday, December 21, 2012

Article II of the Articles of Religion

Article II of the Articles of Religion:
The Son, which is the Word of the Father, begotten from everlasting of the Father, the very and eternal God, and of one substance with the Father, took Man's nature in the womb of the blessed Virgin, of her substance: so that two whole and perfect Natures, that is to say, the Godhead and Manhood, were joined together in one Person, never to be divided, whereof is one Christ, very God, and very Man; who truly suffered, was crucified, dead, and buried, to reconcile his Father to us, and to be a sacrifice, not only for original guilt, but also for actual sins of men.


Chris Bailey said...

I have just stumbled upon this blog and find it very refreshing. A wonderful Christmas present from Our Lord.

Nero said...

Hi, this is a bit awkward since I'm an Israeli-born gay Jew with no faith whatsoever to speak of, but I'm writing something (nothing academic, just a bit of fun) which I need a bit of help with and your blog was the first one that popped up when I was rummaging through Google. I just need someone to explain to me the process of becoming an Anglican priest during the mid 1800s'. How they were ordained, the age in which they were allowed to finish their studies and given a curacy, who decided on your curacy and it's location, when was the priest given his vestments, whether they can become tutors in the intervening years between finishing their studies and receiving their ordination... just the general information. You see, all I have to go on is the RIDICULOUS character of Mr. Collins from Jane Austen's "Pride & Prejudice" and that's not exactly a fitting or flattering image and nor does it provide a great wealth of information on the subject. I'm not looking for you to trouble yourself with a long correspondence, just to be given a few simple facts on the subject or, if you are ignorant on the subject since, let's be honest, why would a 21st century priest need to know about 19th century priests, you would have access to the information in some form. No need to trouble yourself too much of course for, as I said, this is not academic research, just a diversion.
Thank you in advance, Nero.