Sunday, November 28, 2010

A very nice letter:

I just received a very nice letter from a reader of the blog. I know I haven't been posting regularly, but it is good to know that people continue to find this blog edifying and useful.

"Dr. Hassert--My name is Jonathan T, I'm an REC Deacon (I'll be ordained to the Priesthood next month) and currently working as an assistant minister at St. Francis. . . .I thoroughly enjoy your blog. I find it to be the single most edifying and nourishing blog on the net. I avoid all the angry, political, issue-driven blogs that just get my blood boiling, but yours has always been, for me, the finest expression available on the net of that glorious something which is classical Anglicanism. Your blog sustained me through seminary (constantly reminding me why I am an Anglican) and I continue to enjoy it. Thank you for feeding the sheep the filet mignon they need!"


welshmann said...

Fr. Hassert:

I still check the Anglican Cleric blog occasionally for an update. I also look forward to your infrequent posts on Anglican Continuum. I agree with your deacon friend; you certainly have dished up the good stuff here at Anglican Cleric. Many continuing thanks for your ministry.


wyclif said...

It is time for a new post from "An Anglican Priest", yes?