Monday, July 30, 2007

Theological Education in the Anglican Way.

Cranmer Theological House exists for one purpose and mission: to continue in the Reformed Episcopal tradition of success, now over a century old, in training orthodox clergy for service in the Church of Jesus Christ. As one of three seminaries and schools of ministry under the auspices of the Reformed Episcopal Church (organized in 1873), CTH draws on a wealth of experience in the spiritual formation and theological education of both ordained ministers and lay leaders.

We are distinguished by our strong commitment to the Holy Scriptures as God’s infallible Word, our adherence to the theology of the English Reformation as expressed in the historic Thirty-nine Articles of Religion, and our commitment to the worship and polity of the greater Anglican tradition.

We strive to produce Biblically grounded, orthodox, and successful priests who are excellent pastors and exceptional preachers. This emphasis is reflected in the heavy concentration in Scripture, pastoral theology, and homiletic instruction. We are also committed to the equipping of lay leaders for Kingdom work.

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Anonymous said...

Don't forget the excellent distance courses. I took Liturgics I and am glad I did.